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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  February 10, 2013 9:30am-10:00am EST

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>> i am prepared, either, and anxious to do a big deal, a big package that ends this governance byrisis, where t two weeks or every two months, or every six months -- [applause] we are teatetening this hard-won recovery. welcome to the "washington
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business report." that was president obama speakiking to democrats in on wednesday. he got ls of applause for that about the of the kind o plan that the present proposd thiseek.k. instea he proposed another a really big deal. republican leaders responded by saying, get real. but they did not have a counter avoid those automatic cuts. unfortunately, senate democrats have done almost address our long-term debt proroblems. yesterday, the president warned of grave economic consequenc to go intoester were but he did not announce for how hec plans would address it. he did not bother to outline how replace the sequester suggested and insisted upon, in august of 2011. >> so where do we go o from here what does this mean for the area?gton us today i is our expert
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morici,t, peter economist at thuniverty of marynd. and o reporters s that specialized in this area. darren samuelsohn @ polititicand mak. gentlen, welme. tim, i am going to start with you. republican counter rom house andweek he armedembers of services committee. what proposal entailed? >> there are a tonn of proposals out there, not sure how many have gained traction. threpublicans announced a a plan sequestration until the through rucing federal work force by 10% for attrition. that means for every three for employees left, only one would be hired. also proposed a payreeze.ional at w will make up about85 push off defefense and sequestered u until the end of t the year.
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>> that was not one that w put out there by house republicacan but when i got lots of attention in this town. youou talk about federal jobs,, that has real impact. that has care the democrcrats io action? >> not really,he democrats are loophololes,orporate tax breaks for oil industry, things that perhaps dead on arrival with the republicans. will changeblicans losses start to happen. >>arren is giving them some but, peter, you lots ofof membersrs of congress wilill happen, so get reready. ready for sequestration? >> i think the federal probably is. reabite will me next into a newyou g
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fiscal year. there e is a lot of ways to fude arod for a while, anand big impactthave until then. we have a ression, and possibility, sequestration will give the tosident the opportunity the republicans, reasonwill not be the it happens and it may bhappppening now. it is already big in the cake. >> i want the control ro to sa the state later.p play it back we will noteel the impact until next year. that might be a battle in terms s spending, but don't t you will quit --ket congress react if unable to get a deal? >> markets react on a one-day all kinds of things. not get a dl, the take for a cole of days and then come back. you canan not view these event d the market's reaction a as sayi a lot. us wre wek, , tell are on defense
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everyone has been avoiding specifs until now, b but we are to see them. where will we see the cuts coming in the e defense area? >> the cs are totallyly indiscriminate, across thehe board. build 90% aircraftt carrier or a battleship. be very disruptive to everything, other than personal pahecks. a combat infantry soldier,r, you will not have your paycheck, but have toto worry about the are adequately funded. so things that the air force and marines and navy are doing, including deferriring maintenance on vehicles, preferring training, reducing flight hours. though the the kindsf real alreadyfects that are taking place. pentagon, -- although h pagers away and youaken all note laid off as soldie the pentagon just onlnly beit would increasing pay b% for all
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is low.whh >> inhe shohort term you can do but deferred aining, so out on do not go maneuvers. the not have a big effect. replaci things th break or wear out. gon for six it year, it really startss to bite. say we will see theffects in terms of of government sectors. n> i tend to agrewith peter this, and yet, you hear others say, if you decrease flying hours,ou would have an impact on readiness. you think they could ke thisit andtill be a military reready y to roll? >> these sps are taken in anticipation tt sequestration willll happen. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said yesterday that we sequestraonit, if not hapn. oes happ, very to ro that back. they will have difficulties with training, that sort
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of thihing. >> i want to talk about domestic programs. we he not been h hearing about nowdomestic programs, and why, thanks to your reporng. up all over the world. you reported there wasas a gag order on all domestic agencies andepartments. th h been bleeng -- bleeding internally to talk about what the impact would be. many are upset that t officials have not been more outspoken on appropriations. what didou l learn? >> we e ha seen a coordinated effort from the warehouse and omb to stay on messe. with so mamany federal w workers not want to cause panic, but you have areas goverernment encies who all have stories to tell. get thebeen triried to
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message out. ey have not be doing a gd job getting pepeople talking abt it. >> eery white house want to coordinate message. there is alwlways corolsls at te very departmtments. they neverer getet to go up thes the lone ranger. what is it about domestic prprograms? not want to cause panic, but you have a areas governmnmet agencies who allll have storieso tell. theythe white hoe, it goes beyod coordidinating the message talking about what faa.happen n to the nih < why is defense getting so much more noise and attention? the cuts.alf of think one o of the thing that peopleere talking about, they not want a domesc agagents there speaking because they antagonizewould reblans. >> t there are hard realitities. i could think of % of ployers that we could'veve done without. rtainly, some ports that we
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produce, bubut i dot th taxpayers wouldave missed them. >> we will talk about what this will mean for the washington area. will mean for the washington area. [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pass down something he will be grateful for. good arm. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you.
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the u.s. p postal service®, no business too small. >> we are back talking about t e impact a and the washington area is sequeststrati happens. spending cutsts oneduled to take effect march 1. of you,et me ask all does anyone think we w will avod it? wisdom seems to bee titiltingg towards the fact t tt
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democrats and republicans both happen and many thatlicans are now saying thannly thing worse cuts are no spending ts, so they are embracicing it. >> i think conseservativives fel were bakeked into the la they want to go forward, even if pentagon that gets hit. fascinating to think about, if the thing abobout republicangoing way back. youu have this dynamic betwe hawks and budget talks in capitol hill right now. >> an issufrom the appropriatioions comommitteeee d to lay out some of the non- defensnse areas tt would be cut. air-r-trafc controlol, 10% of te fce, fofood sety, and customs a and border s she says toet for three-hour r long waitss busiestirports. and $168 millionon in cucuts to industry securitieies, just at a time when republblicans were a about what happened in
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.ehazi are sred tactics that hen theytoto the days rid of football nots withth the school budget being passed. will give you long linenes at the airport. embassies, you do security,y, but things, likether before a c commercrcial seservi. sendining information abouut whe can buy dresses made in arkansas. is, t this is not being the presisident, , whose job is toto run t the admistration. instead,d, he throwing up a tactic to get more taxes. sequestratiowas baked into the when he jammed tax down the republilican throat without giving them any cutng the busins community this. he couould get by without it. pe peterson, who has been a deficit hawkor somome time, said is word of what we wl growth crisis. the economy will grow more because we ll have in research and
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development, education and training. what are some of the ways that couldlde departmement of e fat without hurting readiness for weapons systems. look at how the pentagon increased over the past decade. it has increased around close $650 billllion er a decade of spspending, and that includes spending on thmoors.s. -- wars. there are more members o of initary bands then therere aree state department -- stataffers in the state department. >> so total state department not total the number of band memberers? >> againscare tactics. >> rememember, marines protect bassieies. all in favor of keeping them there, but i think we could the ban if that was what was necessary. takina billllion
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of a $16 year out is going tonomy , ore a tremendous c calamity a $3.50 t trillion government wl calamit it'sous youou cant get taken from a pig. >> the only thing that democrats and republicans agree ons theyey push down theto road. creating uncertainty and more damage. that is nonsense. i do not know at t washinington business coununcil not sayy if they couould causingng ainty was recessssion. >> spending is good for the it cos dollars in.. is one of the e places where at.rere lookiking research labs coulbe shut down. have impacts herere, york, and what cuts atf the her will feel domestically? >> you talked about the lines at the airport, fbi agents, c.i.a., to meetway down
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inspspectors. -- meat spectres. of the cdcdc to monitor disease outbreaks. less money for d drinking water grants. >> i want too go to timim for oe quick question. says that theb blog, the ctinuing resotion. spending atat currerent levels rather than at levels would havewhich levels. shoululd contractors inhe area cr?orried about this >> appropriatorsrs want to be ae funds here and there being allowed not do that are a c contrtor who directedontract y, you are in a bibit of cr.ble with ththe >> stay with us. does valentine's day have to do with business? the answswer is a heaead wh we e
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>> our number of the week is our favorite one, the number one. that is washington's position on best pa cities for women. insus data found that t women the washington metro air earned $57,000.100omee of $28, andhat puts us at the top of the h heat. but guess w what, ladies, but
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still lags behind the men. about 80 cents per earn.t the men the d.c. region attracts highly edit women who work in high- paying field like politics and law. good news for us. stay with us as we round out the half hour with marissaevin. stay with us as we round out the ha[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> as we head into the eek, we knowday relationship can be a with a business o personal, so how do you handle isngs when the relationship business a and pernal? that is our vantine's day question for m marissa lin from information experts. is joined tododay by her adam, thexecutive f informationt experts. welcome to both of you. marissa, how did the business partnehip, about >> i started the business 18 years ago th adam's blessing after we decided i would go on my own. i was in the business for 18
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years on my own but adam was always b behind the scenes heleg me with operations, finance, adminiration. how did the business partnership, about? >> i starteded the business 18 growing a and begun to a point whe i said, i cann do this by myseself, we have to make a choice. either i keep the busiss the size it is a4 you need to come and help me. >> you started 18 years ago. how soon into it did he me in? >> in n thsixth year. for the first six years i ran it on my own with other contractors,s, but when we hit at level off business, i could not handle it. >> were you do this? -- dubious? u must have hasome hesitation. >> there is a bit of wn all of your family incncome is coming f froe place. our eggs in one basket with this company. >> lucki, youave e managed to succeed quite well. what are some of the things that yourarder about having as a business parartner, what are some of the ings tt are easier? >> one of the thing that is haer, it does not end.
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she asks me to do something day and it is not when i get homeor dinnerer, she wilask me if i did it. we live the business. if something needs to be done, sure i haven't done before i head homeme. frankly, do not want to hear asking me if i i did it. >> what about t things that make things easier? >> the greatest thing is the trust here we are focused, we love each other, focused on growing the business, dodoing what i right. not need to worry about mistrust othe partner. >> any time the owner own business, you he to be supported. on, whethery hands is doing the finances, doing betever it takes t supportive of a spouse. power dynamics can be tricky. boss,said, you are t
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him orders. that is an unusual dynamic in na male/female relationship.p. w dodo you balance that? >> adamm is very comfortab with running thg behind the scenes runbusiness would not him and our team. yes, we own the business, but we the businesse incredidible team behind us. so he is comfortrtable just beig making suree, well with theng that we depend on, and he is completely comfortable with the bnd and the intermissionace o rlly taking a lot of the credit. he is c comfofortable with thatd that is what makes our dynamic .ork >> adam, share with the otheher how does it feel to take from ur wife? >> it is all business, it is all for the family. frankly, i am more comfortablble being behind the scenes. she looks better onn camera th
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i do. >> his a good guy. [laughter] you have done some research of spouseses ande been businessartners. divorce, and in some instces, they stay business make it and manage to work. is the key when the kpingonship is rocky in the business solid? >> you have to keep corrective steps not to rn your rrge into merger. if you can approach your wether business personal, frorom a place of as i mentioned, the thawill be helplping for everyone. go into businessss witith theieir spouse and they do not reize what is at stake. it is not just, i can trust you, to start th business. youave salarieses on the line, fily ons, and your the ne. respect is the e key. >> thank you all for joining us. we hope to seeou next week for "whington business report."."
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and do not f forgeget to follows f facebook and twitter. see you agn next sunday. [ dad ] find it?
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ya. alright, another one just like that. right ithe old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat.


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